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Marshmallow Madness is a hectic brawler where the objective is to fend off against unending hordes of violent marshmallows that will stop at nothing (not even campfires!) to bring you down! It's the familiar King of the Hill reimagined into an intense, utterly chaotic and slightly more squishy experience!


For each wave yet another horde of marshmallows will fall from the sky and attempt to shove, tackle and knock you down! And with each consecutive wave they'll bring even more reinforcements in order to finish you off! How long will you be able to withstand the continuous assault of enemy marshmallows?


How you choose to survive in Marshmallow Madness is all up to you! Whether you prefer to decimate your foes by:

  • Pushing them into fires
  • Smashing them into pieces
  • Pushing them off the world
  • Use explosive barrels to blow them up!

There is no right or wrong! Aslong as you defeat every single enemy on the island, you're all set! (for that wave atleast)

Will you survive the relentless onslaught of evil Marshmallows or will they overwhelm you in this chaotic brawler?

(Dont let the big guys hit you, they have quite the force)


Buy Now$1.00 USD or more

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